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34% of children visit a porno sites on the Internet.

53% of people use an another's computer in the mercenary purposes.

41% of spouses use a computer to communicate with the lovers.

52% of workers of the companies spend working hours of nothing not doing.

37% of the companies have workers which use e-mail for sending classified documents connected with your company.


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Personal PC Spy is free keylogger

Personal PC Spy is the most powerful stealth keylogger software. Personal PC Spy runs silently at the lowest level of windows capturing every keystroke typed including usernames and windows log-on passwords. Personal PC Spy can also capture active window text, text typed in all popular instant messengers
including AOL, YAHOO, ICQ, MSN AND AIM. All Desktop activity will be recorded through Personal PC Spy's secret! Personal PC Spy can capture websites which can be visited on your computer, keylogger can capture all text sent to clipboard and record more computer activity . Have reports sent to your email address at anytime secretly! Personal PC Spy is so stealth and hides so well not even a computer technician with years of experience could detect it running!

The most powerful stealth program at the most affordable price! Easy to use stealth solution for PC and Internet surveillance. Purchase your copy today and feel safe and secure that if you can detect it running once placed it stealth mode.

Why use Personal PC Spy?

Perfect for revealing the truth about what they do on the Internet while you are away, Personal PC Spy is the easy way to record what your child, spouse or employee does on the computer behind your back. This includes their keystrokes typed, web sites visited and much more.

  • Child - Do you know whether or not your teenager is being SAFE and mature online? Do your children give out information that could potentially put your family in danger?

  • Spouse - Do you suspect that your spouse is cheating? Who does YOUR spouse talk to online? Do they email an offline lover? Do they perform cybersex with a websites? Does your spouse waste money at casino web sites?

  • Employees - Does your employee waste time surfing the web or playing games when unsupervised? Does the employee do the work they are supposed to be doing? Do you have an employee who is stealing information from you?

  • Stealth monitoring - Keylogger records all activities on your computer. Data can be recorded surreptitiously without a user knowing and later the data will reveal everything to the computers owner or administrator.

  • Monitoring which programs were opened and when - Recalling data is easy and finding out what documents were open and viewed is simple and straight forward.

  • Personal Document, changed or not - fully trackable - Have you personal files been tampered with or not? Personal PC Spy will tell you the truth by recording every action.

  • Easy to Use - The software in the Personal PC Spy lineup is developed for all users in mind. From the beginning novice, to the experienced administrator - Personal PC Spy covers the bases with easy-to-use graphical user interfaces, extensive help documentation, and intuitive design.

Our top-selling Personal PC Spy computer monitoring program can answer all of these questions. You'll be able to RECORD EVERYTHING they do on the computer while you are away. Perfect for concerned parents or worried spouses. Only Personal PC Spy can INSTANTLY forward keystrokes typed and websites visited and other activity, to your email address!

Personal PC Spy Features:

  • Completely invisible and undetectable in Windows - Configure Keylogger to hide during monitoring sessions and impossible to detect. Keylogger will not be listed in the task manager and also gives you the option to remove it from the uninstall list.

  • Windows Startup - Keylogger can be configured to load on windows startup, or not.

  • E-mail Log Delivery - Keylogger can deliver reports of recorded activity secretly at set intervals. All logs can be sent by email secretly for you to read at anytime. keylogger download

  • Keystrokes Capture - Keylogger can record all keystrokes typed in any application window, such as user name, password, e-mail, chat, instant message (MSN/AOL/ICQ/AIM ), etc. The records are time stamped and categorized by the window title they belong to, so you can tell when and what documents were being typed.

  • Application Monitoring - Keylogger can record all applications ran and the text typed in these applications.

  • Website Capture -Keylogger will record and time stamp all websites visited. If a user is surfing inappropriate content on your computer or business computers, Keylogger will record this content. You may re-visit all websites directly inside the Keylogger log viewer.

  • ScreenShots Capture - Keylogger can take picture of the Windows Desktop just like a automatic surveillance camera! It will capture images at set intervals. You have the option of taking pictures of the entire screen or just of active window, and saving the pictures in high quality or low quality JPEG format. Keylogger will also log the active window name and the time stamp when the screen shot was taken.

  • Automatic Log Clearing - Keylogger can be configured to clear all logs at set intervals as an added security measure. You may also clear logs at anytime and completely remove them from your computer!

  • Log Exporting - Keylogger recorded logs into an easy to read html document for later viewing or record keeping. The log files are stored by date and time enabling to go find the information you need quickly.

  • Startup Alert - Would you like to inform the user they are being monitored? Keylogger offers you the ability display a custom message informing the user they are being monitored.

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