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What is Personal PC Spy

Personal PC Spy is the most powerful stealth Keylogger. Keylogger runs silently at the lowest level of windows capturing every keystroke typed including usernames and windows log-on passwords. Keylogger can also capture active window text, cliboard text and text typed in all popular instant messengers including AOL, YAHOO, ICQ, MSN AND AIM. All Desktop activity will be recorded through Keylogger's secret screen capturing utility! Have reports sent to your email address at anytime secretly! Keylogger is so stealth and hides so well not even a computer technician with years of experience could detect it running!

Keylogger is perfect for monitoring children, employee's, cheating spouses, or for your own personal use to backup all of your work!

Installing and Uninstalling Personal PC Spy

Installing Personal PC Spy

If you received this version of Personal PC Spy on a floppy disk please follow the instructions on the disk label to install Personal PC Spy.

* On Windows 95, 98 or Windows NT 4.0: select Run from the Taskbar Start menu, type the full name of the file (for example, C:\DOWNNLOAD\ppcs.exe), press the Enter key, and follow the prompts.

If you received this version of Personal PC Spy in a ZIP file, first extract the files to any directory, then run the .exe file and follow the prompts.

The note: We recommended to not load AT ALL ANY versions of our products from piracy sites. It on 100% will protect you from "Trojan Horses" which can delete the data on your computer or open your computer for attacks. We strongly recommended to load our products only from our site.

Uninstalling Personal PC Spy

To uninstall Personal PC Spy, you can simply use the Add/Remove Programs tool inside the Windows Control Panel. If you Remove Personal PC Spy from Uninstall list, you can simply delete the files off your PC manually by navigating to the directory you installed the files into and deleting each file.

General Settings

Personal PC Spy Log Settings are accessed via the OPTIONS >>GENERAL button.

Start program automatically when Windows starts: Keylogger can be configured to load on windows startup, or not.

Run PPCS in Stealth Mode (Well be hidden from user): This option allows Keylogger to run in completely invisible and stealth mode.

Run PPCS in Active Monitoring Mode: This option allows Keylogger to run in Active Mode, the software will load and run in monitoring mode.

Stealth Mode Hotkey: When Keylogger run in invisible mode, you can press this hotkey to make it visible. Use your favorite hotkey or use default hotkey: Shift + Ctrl + Alt + V.

Logging Settings

Personal PC Spy logging settings can be configured by clicking on the OPTIONS >> LOGGING SETTINGS button on the Personal PC Spy interface. Simply check what logging options you want enabled.

Screenshot logging can be enabled and configured under by clicking on OPTIONS >> SCREENSHOTS SETTINGS on Personal PC Spy interface.

What can Personal PC Spy be configured to log?

Keystrokes typed
Clipboard Activity
Websites visited
Screenshots Captured
Documets and Files Accessed
Personal PC Spy Actions

Log Settings

Personal PC Spy Log Settings are accessed via the OPTIONS >>LOG SETTINGS button.
Custom Log Location: This allows you to specify where you want keylogger to store its activity logs.

Default Log Location: All logs will be kept in folder where install program.

Enable Automatic Keystroke Log Clearing: Will clear entire keystrokes log if will exceed key strokes.

Security Settings

Personal PC Spy Log Settings are accessed via the OPTIONS >> SECURITY button.

Disable Task Manager: This option allows keylogger to disable Window''s Task manager. This will make it impossible for a user to task-end keylogger, or manipulate other processes.

Disable Startup Programs Overide: This option allows keylogger to disable Window''s startup programs overide. This will make it impossible for a user to bypass keylogger loading on startup by holding the SHIFT key down.

Remove Shortcut from Desktop: This option allows keylogger remove shortcut from your desktop.

Remove Shortcut from Start Menu: This option allows keylogger remove shortcut from start menu.

Remove Personal PC Spy from Uninstall list: This option allows keylogger remove Personal PC Spy from Uninstall List.

Set or Change Administrative password: keylogger will be protected by the password.

Startup Alert Settings

Personal PC Spy Log Settings are accessed via the OPTIONS >> NOTIFICATIONS button.

If it is required that the user knows he or she is being monitoring, or you would simply like to inform the users of the PC running keylogger that they are being monitored, you can do so using the Startup Alert Feature.

To enable this feature, click the "Personal PC Spy Settings" button on the main Personal PC Spy interface, click the "Startup Alert " tab. Input your custom message you want displayed, and then ensure that "Enable Startup Alert" is checked off.

Once done, click the "Apply" button to save your data, and the next time keylogger is started, the user will be alerted that they are being monitored.

E-Mail Delivery Settings

Personal PC Spy Log Settings are accessed via the OPTIONS >> E-MAIL DELIVERY button.

Keylogger can also send the logs to your e-mail, thus enabling you to view it from other places and track any activities on your computer.

Send E-Mail every: Sends keystrokes recorded on your e-mail, through the certain interval of time which you have chosen.

Send To: Keylogger needs an address to be able to send your messages the same way as the postal service needs an address to be able to deliver a letter. The destination e-mail address are entered in "Send To" field.

From: The Originator's e-mail address, which will be put in the header of each message created from this account. For example,

Subject: The Originator's Subject, which will be put in the header of each message created from this account. For example, Subject: Keylogger Report.

SMTP Host: The address of your SMTP server to which all outgoing e-mail messages from the account will be sent. The address may be represented as a traditional URL (e.g.: or as a numeric IP address (e.g.; if an IP address is used you should be aware that it could be subject to change. The advantage of using IP addresses in this context is that a DNS lookup is not used, thus it is slightly faster on connecting to the server.

Port: Mail service port number are sometimes changed to prevent other systems from the outside world from connecting to servers used within the given network. In this case, you must re-define the port number. The port number used by SMTP protocol (default 25).

UserID and Password: Authentication on smtp server.

Activity Log Format: You can choose in what kind will to be sent logs to you on e-mail.

Clear Log After Successful E-Mail Delivery: After Successful E-Mail Delivery Keylogger Allows to remove log file.

Test E-Mail Delivery Settings: You can check up e-mail delivery settings, click the "Test E-Mail Delivery Settings".

Viewing Logs

To view activity logs simply click on the appropriate log viewer ont he Personal PC Spy interface. For example, if you want to view Keystrokes that were ran you would click on KYSTROKES TYPED on Personal PC Spy interface.

Format Keys: Click " Format Keys" if you want to remove special symbols, such as [Tab],[Shift],[Caps Lock] etc.

Clear Log: You can click "Clear Log" button to delete all records displayed in current log window, but the records in other log windows will remain. This operation also delete the corresponding log file in Keylogger log folder. If you want to delete all records made by Keylogger you should click the "Clear All Logs" button in the main window of the program.

Export Log: By clicking "Export Log" button, you can save all the current records displayed in the window as a HTML file (".htm")in the folder assigned by you, then you can view the html file in your favorite Browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator or simply Text file (".txt").

Quick Filter (Search): The "Search" button is a powerful tool for searching keywords in the Keystrokes log window. Please input the keyword into the textbox beside the button, then just click the button to find it!

View Screenshots Pictures: Keylogger has a built-in Image Viewer which allows you to view Screenshots picture conveniently. It appears when you single click any one of the records in Log Viewer window. You can just click the button on the bottom of the Viewer's window to view Next, Previous, Also you can click "Save as" button to export current picture to any folder specified by you.

Did you know

34% of children visit a porno sites on the Internet.

53% of people use an another's computer in the mercenary purposes.

41% of spouses use a computer to communicate with the lovers.

52% of workers of the companies spend working hours of nothing not doing.

37% of the companies have workers which use e-mail for sending classified documents connected with your company.


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